Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mother Frak

Do you see how pissed I am? I am REALLY. PISSED. Do you know why? Scroll down.

The new arrival has arrived.


Lindsay said...

Awww Pumpkin its ok. Just think now you have someone to play with. It will be great!

Eric said...

OMG the rumors are true!

It's great that you finally got another kitty. I'm lookin forward to more pics...providing that she comes out of hiding!

Kae said...

It's funny that you got another cat, because we were thinking about getting Kate a kitten for her birthday...LOL!!! How are they holding up now? Better? We should have a cat get together...I mean if Dogs get their own park, I think we should have a place for all cats to play together, but I guess I load of hissing and swatting would happen...oh well...LOL!