Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Waiting Game

For the love of God can't you see that I'm busy here? Are the glazed over eyes not tip-off enough? Take that camera and shove it somewhere dark and warm, you little crackhead. Christ, can't I get any sleep?

Sleep? You wanna sleep? I love to sleep! I slept for ten hours yesterday off and on. It was awesome. So relaxing! Boy, I tell you when it comes to sleep I'm your girl. So you wanna go play now? Are you ready to play? I love it when we play together! You know so much, you know? It's wicked awesome. Are you going somewhere? Can I come, too? Wait, where are you...why are you shutting the door? Can't I come? What'd I do? I ...come on, man, I was just asking a question. *knock, knock* Pump? Okay, we can play later. I'll wait right here until you're ready. Just gonna wait for you, that's all. It's all good. We're cool. Just know, wait. Until you unlock the bathroom door. Which, you know, should be soon. Right?

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I'll come play with you little Trixie!