Friday, December 28, 2007

The Adoption is Final

Meet Ari. This is Trixie's brand-new little sister and she's been having a tough time recently. Yesterday, the Beast picked her up from her previous residence and took her to the V-E-T. Once there the good doc gave her shots and pills and even a little butt probe to get some poo.

Ari was given a clean bill of health and she came home to us safe and sound. Unfortunately, she wouldn't leave her carrier so we put it in the bathroom next to litter, food and water.

Trixie was scared to death.

When it was bedtime we turned off the lights and went to sleep, only to be awoken by the sound of Ari crying. She was scared. We turned the bathroom lights on and for the rest of the night things were okay. At some point she ventured out of her carrier and into the closet where the litter was, which is where she set up camp for the night. In the litter.

This morning I carefully tugged the litter away from the wall so she could get out but still be as far away from us as possible, which she took advantage of. I promptly congratulated myself for my quick(-ish) thinking.

Trixie was still completely wigged out.

Little Ari spent the day in the closet only eating a very little. Tonight, she's still in that same spot, but I have a feeling that over this nice long four-day weekend we'll be able to coax her out somehow.

I've been singing to her and smiling and I think she's been smiling back. Either that or glaring at me for disturbing the peace. Trixie took a long look at her just now and then looked up at me as if asking, "What the HELL is wrong with you?"


Joy said...

Awww! I guess it would be completely terrifying for Ari... But you are right, she'll be fine after a while. Love her name by the way.

Kate said...