Sunday, May 25, 2008


Should something ever happen to Joy, she has decided that she would like me to have her precious cat, Eleanor. Eleanor was named after the great queen Eleanor of Aquitaine and she has just about as much regal authority as that first Eleanor. She is not allowed to be called Ellie. She does not like others. She will come and go as she pleases and you will like it.

She is also shaped a bit like an egg.

And she really likes to climb into things not meant for her.

Unless she thinks someone is looking in which case she will bolt and not allow you to take undignified pictures.

She is not to be underestimated. When I first met her, Eleanor allowed me to creep closer and closer to where she was perched on a windowsill before extending the first two fingers of my left hand for her to sniff after which she hissed and jumped down, sprinting for the exit. Joy witnessed the whole thing and said in a voice drenched with awe, "Wow, she really likes you. No one ever gets that close!"


Joy said...

You've perfectly captured the personality of my precious.

Kristen said...

Ha! And that's why I'm not a
"cat-person" unless they had dog-personalities. I want my pets to be HAPPY when I come near them, not consider ripping my face off.

Kate said...

Heee! You're so right, Kristen. I don't know why it appeals to us, but the haughty independence they exhibit is just hilarious. Especially if you start ignoring them and they get needy and cave and you can practically see the self-loathing on their faces as they cuddle up on your lapping purring loud enough to wake the dead.

It's so awesome.

Joy said...

Right again Kate! I live for that "self-loathing."