Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sleeping With Kleenex



Kristen said...

why does Fiona always wear her pink harness but neither of the other two wear them? Just curious! :)

Kate said...

Because she LOVES to go outside and the first few times we relented and put her in the harness to attach to a leash it was hellacious, first because she didn't like it and then, as she got more used to it and understood that the harness meant she'd get to go out, because the snap on it is really tricky. So we decided to just let her wear it all the time and she doesn't even notice it anymore. Nowadays it's super easy to just snap the leash on and take her out. There's no wrestling with the snap while she's wriggling around excited and happy about heading out.

Also, it's much easier to figure out who's who in a pic of Trix and Fi.


Kate said...

And, just in case it's not clear, the other two would rather take showers than set foot outside the house. When we had our furniture delivered we had to lock Fi in the basement so we could leave the front door wide open. We knew that Trix and Ari wouldn't get near it.

Kristen said...

Ha! That is funny and cute and smart! (And yes, I was already using the harness as a way to tell the 2 black kitties apart.)